Most of the homeowners work hard for many years so that they can afford to have a place they can call home. Alveo Land Development knows what its clients search for and that’s why most of their house projects in the past have been totally sold out. They always create modern homes with the latest features inside and outside. For instance, Aveia is created with several latest amenities that families love. These facilities make life inside Aveia to be simple and interesting. This is because most of the things a person can need are within the perimeter of this estate. From wide roads to flower beds and a secure environment, Aveia has more to offer than just the good looking units on display.

To begin with, the vibrant and majestic Aveia Community welcomes its guest and dwellers with a magnificent primary entrance and a guardhouse. Furthermore, it has a secondary entrance with a guardhouse. If a resident has a gathering, event or any other outdoor activity, there is 1.4 hectares of green space available for such practices within Aveia. In addition, it has a swimming pool complex, pocket parks, function room, outdoor lounge area, board room and meeting room. For sports lovers, there is a basketball court for training and playing. The clubhouse based inside the estate is a great place to catch up with friends and meet your neighbors. Such features make dwellers feel at home and have everything they need within walking meters.

  • Primary entrance with guardhouse
  • Secondary entrance with guardhouse
  • 1.4 hectares of green space available for community gatherings, events and outdoor activities
  • Swimming Pool complex
  • Clubhouse 
  • Function room
  • Board room / meeting room
  • Outdoor lounge area
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Pocket parks
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